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CA Gen COM Proxy Generation error "protection violation" and UUID property missing


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Gen Gen - Workstation Toolset Gen - Host Encyclopedia Gen - Run Time Distributed


When attempt to generate a Gen COM Proxy within the Toolset, it fails with a dialog box error:
'A protection violation backout has occurred'
The generation also produces a log that contains errors that note missing UUID properties.  For example:
'The <server loadmodule_name> component is missing the 'TypeLib UUID' property.'


Component: CGTS


These Gen COM Proxy generation errors are subset related.

Make sure the subset is not conflicting with other subsets.
Scope the subset on the server loadmodule in 'Modify Full' along with the Procedure Step in 'Modify Full'.
Bring down the subset in 'Unit Test', not 'System Test'.

Once the subset is downloaded, expand the server loadmodule components, Interface, and Methods as before, and retry the COM Proxy generation.