How to use a single PROC for Datacom Primary and Shadow MUF regions


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Primary/Shadow configuration requires that each MUF region runs with its own PXX dataset, i.e. PXX cannot be shared between the two MUF regions.

How to use a single JCL deck to start both the members of a Primary/Shadow MUF pair.


Release: DATABB00200-14.0-Datacom/AD


Here are two possible options:
1) use a temporary PXX dataset in the JCL:
   //    SPACE=(TRK,(1000)),DISP=(,DELETE)

2) if the MUF STCs are running on the two different LPARs (e.g. TST1 and TST2), then two permanent datasets can be allocated with dsn names like:
   and then the PXX in the MUF startup can be referenced using the &SYSNAME variable: