Migrating unified reports to CABI


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Here is the procedure to migrate the existing unified reports or out-of-box unified reports to Unified CABI. This document also explains the scope of support going forward.

Starting with UIM 9.0.2 release, creating unified reports using iReport tool will not be supported anymore. So all the existing and out-of-box reports should be migrated to Unified CABI for business continuity.


UIM: 9.0.2 or later
Jasper Server: 6.4.3
cabi / cabi_external: 3.20 or later


Starting with UIM 9.0.2, all the existing out of box unified reports are bundled with "uim_unified_reporter_pack" and will be part of dashboard pack. So you must need to deploy this package to get the unified reports. You can find the list of reports available in the following document.

Unified reports created with iReport can be migrated using the following documentation. 

Please note that only out of the box unified reports will be supported however in case if you used any SQL queries or stored procedures to create the report, you may use the attached documentation to migrate the query and create the reports.

Note: Please contact services or account team for doing any customization's using the above procedure.


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