Why do I see leading blanks in dates instead of zero?
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Why do I see leading blanks in dates instead of zero?


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PanAudit Plus Easytrieve Report Generator PAN/SQL


Why do I see leading blanks in dates, like the REPORT TITLE date, instead of zero when using release 11.6?


Component: EZTRVE


There is only one explanation if you see leading blanks instead of zero when using SYSDATE, or, for example, at the date in a default REPORT TITLE line, in release 11.6. It means NEWFUNC is set to N (compatibility mode, what means CA Easytrieve is actually using the CA Easytrieve 6.4 modules) and in the first 6.4 EZTPOPT module which will be found in your library concatenation, DATEMLC is set to B (the default).
The 6.4 DATEMLC option (z/OS only) specifies the leading character of the date placed at the top of the compiler listing and also stored in the system defined SYSDATE field. SYSDATE will also be used in a default REPORT TITLE line, for example.
You will see "11.6-C" in the compile listing title lines - the "C" means "Compatibility Mode" and NEWFUNC is set to N. 
If NEWFUNC is N in the 11.6 EZOPTBL options table, check your concatenation and which EZTPOPT module will be used.
If you would like to change to leading zero, change DATEMLC to Z in this 6.4 options module, or use another EZTPOPT module where DATEMLC is set to Z already.

Native CA Easytrieve 11.6 (NEWFUNC set to Y) is always using a leading zero. There is no option to change this to blank.

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