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Grant Project - Staff Resource assignment access for a subset of users


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How to grant access to a resource to assign specific staff/individual resources to a project in Clarity under their group / organization without having to grant the Resource - Hard Book – All Global Access Rights (which grants access to all resources.)


Release: All Supported Releases
Component: Clarity Resource Management


You can grant the Resource - Hard book access at the OBS Level or instance level that can help narrow down the rights. 

Important: Granting access at these levels can slow down performance accessing Resource planning portlet pages. See the following KB for more details and tips to avoid the issue: Resource Planning portlets slow with 'Instance' or 'OBS' access

Additionally, if the user is a Resource Manager for the user they are trying to book a resource to, they will already have access as long as they have project - view rights to the project. 

Steps to grant the access at the OBS Level:

Prerequisite: The resources that the user will need access to should be first associated with the OBS. Example, if using the Department OBS, populate the OBS value for the users.

  1. Navigate to Administration->Resources 
  2. Click on the resource you want to grant the resource access to 
  3. Click on the "Resource's Access Rights" Tab then select OBS Units 
  4. Click the Add button 
  5. Filter on the Resource - Hard book access right 
  6. Check the check box next to the Resource - Hard book access right and click Add and Continue 
  7. Drill down into the OBS level you want the user to have access to 
  8. Check the check box next to the OBS and click Add 
  9. Click Save and Return 

To grant this access at the Instance level:

At the instance level, it provides the ability manually select the users that this resource can see.

  1. Navigate to Administration->Resources
  2. Click on the resource you want to grant the resource access to
  3. Click on the "Resource's Access Rights" Tab then select Instance
  4. Click the Add button
  5. Select 'Resource' from the Object drop down then click Next
  6. Filter on the resource - Hard book access right
  7. Select the check box next to the Resource - Hard Book Right and click Add and continue
  8. Check the check boxes next to the resources you want to grant access to the resource and click Add (or Add and Select More as needed)
  9. Then, once the user logs out and logs back in, they should see just the specific users access was granted to.

Note: The hard book access right grants gives the user the ability to soft or hard book the resources to any investment they have view management access to. 

Additional Information

See KB: Restrict resource managers from booking resources to certain projects