Date boxes on package forms not showing correctly
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Date boxes on package forms not showing correctly


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager - OpenMake Meister


I have several users on Windows 10 and the date boxes on the package forms are not showing properly. The date numbers are overlapping.


CA Harvest SCM Workbench Client on Windows 10


This is normally related to the “Scale and Layout” settings on the Windows 10 machine.  If these have been changed to make letters look bigger in Windows, that affects Harvest Workbench as well.  In the “calendar” window, what happens is that the numbers are bigger (according to the scaling setting in Windows), but the size of that little “calendar” window can’t change.


To correct this you will need to adjust the Windows System Display settings.

On the Windows desktop, click the “Start” button (looks like a window), and then just above that you should see a “gear” icon.  Click there.

On the Windows Settings menu select “System”

On the System Settings window click the “Display” tab.  You should have “100%” selected in the “Change the size of text, apps and other items” field.

The other setting you should check is on the “Advanced scaling settings" page.  Just under the “Change the size…” field there will be a link called “Advanced scaling settings”.  Click there.  It should look like this.

If you see anything in the “Enter a custom scaling size” field, delete this value.  It should be empty.


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