Where are the Mastercat VSE procs for the install?
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Where are the Mastercat VSE procs for the install?


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MasterCat VSE


This is a new install and the CA GSS documentation guides you to a special install of the Mastercat procs.

Just installed CA-MASTERCAT 3.4 on Z/VSE 6.2 and according to the CA-GSS documentation CA-MASTERCAT is supposed to have 8 PROCs in the install library I only have 1 PROC ( Load the messages to the IESMSG) the following PROCs are missing.
Where and how do I acquire the material?


Release: MCCATV00100-3.4-MASTERCAT-VSAM Catalog Management


The MC* procs are no longer used. Please review the Mastercat Getting Started Guide chapter 3, task 2 "Loading PDS members". 

The CAMCTSCR job loads the PDS members (IMODs, screen panels, help members) required to support BrightStor CA-MasterCat. 
Note: This job must be run before initializing BrightStor CA-MasterCat. 

1. Extract the JCL member CAMCTSCR.Z from the installation sublibrary. 
2. Modify the SETPARM parameters to specify the correct LIBRARY/SUBLIBRARY where CA-GSS and BrightStor CA-MasterCat were installed. 
3. Execute the job. 

The job runs GSSUTIL to install the components that were previously installed with the procs.