The use of Trusted IPs on z/OS agents | ENDED_VANISHED
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The use of Trusted IPs on z/OS agents | ENDED_VANISHED


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


After installation of a z/OS agent, jobs duration take several minutes more in One Automation than on the z/OS system.

1.) Executed Jobs return systematically the status ENDED_VANISHED.

2.) In Agents logs following messages are present:

U02000100 Non-encrypted message of '' will not be processed. 

The IPs that are listed here are addresses of another LPAR of the SYSPLEX. 

The communication between Members of the SYSPLEX may affect the global performance unless these Members are parted of the trusted hosts. . 


Component: AAUTEN


Solution to avoid these two problems.

In the settings of the Z/OS Agents: Administrative Prospective ==> Agent ==> Trusted IPs

Add there the IPs of all LPAR members of the SYSPLEX, separated by semi-colon as such:   IP1;IP2;IP3