Starting PDSM STC and receive PDSMOPR-01 message
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Starting PDSM STC and receive PDSMOPR-01 message


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Starting PDSM STC and receive message PDSMOPT-01 PDSMAN is currently active.
How do we resolve this? The PARM=CLEAR command is not in the Administration Manual. Where is it documented?


Release: PDSMA100200-7.7-PDSMAN-PDS Library Management-ONE COMPONENT


From the message guide:

PDSMAN is already active in another address space. As only one copy of PDSMAN can be active at any time, this startup is bypassed.

Receiving this message when no other PDSMAN address space is actually active indicates that a previous PDSMAN termination was incomplete. PDSMAN can be started with a PARM=CLEAR to complete the previous termination and then restarted as normal.
It is also recommended that this option be used in the PROC used to start PDSM if you have frequent shutdowns or the system has severe performance issues and PDSM is required to be recycled.

This message and the PARM=CLEAR is only documented in the PDSM Message Guide