ACC Configuration with a custom pbd
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ACC Configuration with a custom pbd


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


In creating my ACC bundle, I have added my custom pbd to the directivesFile property inside the Agent profile, but after the bundle was finished, the directivesFile property was commented out, thus the agent did not start properly.

Any efforts inside ACC to not have that property commented out resulted in receiving a duplicate property error.  Is there any way this can be achieved?


Component: APMAGT


Below is a step-by-step guide on how to import the bundle I provided into ACC. 

1. Login to ACC. Go to "Bundles" screen and delete all the bundles with names of the custom bundle you created, if they exist ( Use 'delete' button in upper-right corner )
2. Switch to 'Packages' screen in ACC. Click 'New ' to create new bundle. 
    - set the name of the bundle and other input fields. Click 'Customize'
    - During the 'Select bundles' step verify that your bundle is not added to the package by default. You have to add it explicitly. Click 'Next'
    - On 'Configure Bundles' step verify that your bundle is present in the list and that the bundle configuration does not list the property 'introscope.autoprobe.directivesFile'. Do not override this property in 'Java Agent Base' or any other bundles - it is not needed for your purposes since the custom PBD should be picked up automatically
    - Click 'Next' and then 'Done' to complete bundle creation
5. To have a clean test let's deploy new package instead of pushing changes through ACC :
     - stop your agent and delete or move out your 'wily' folder
     - download the newly created package from ACC
     - copy 'wily' folder from the archive to your application folder - so that it replaces the old 'wily' folder you've just deleted or moved out.
6. Start your application as you normally do
7. Verify the results
     - on the application side check wily\logs\AutoProbe.log and wily\logs\IntroscopeAgent.log . They should not contain any errors.
8. In case of any errors please submit the screenshots, wily\logs\AutoProbe.log and wily\logs\IntroscopeAgent.log from app side; plus apmccsrv.log from ACC server