14.0 DRAS started task will not initialize after maintenance was applied


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CA Deliver CA View


VIEW11 is coded in the CAHFDCFG configuration parameter member and this is the first time it has been rejected. I attempted using VIEW12 and VIEW14 and still received error messages as follows: CAHFMTK041S Release mismatch. Product: VIEW12 CAHFMTK041S Release mismatch. Product: VIEW14


The DRAS config file was corrupted by a compression process. The corrupted config file resulted in the release mismatch message.


Component: DRAS


The LLA update statement was correctly coded and performed the update of the DRAS modules as desired. A compression step in the job caused the problem. Because the LLA-resident libraries are in a NOFREEZE state by default (it used to be FREEZE state in the past (i.e. using LLA cache)), The relative track addresses are read from the DASD device first (NOFREEZE state). The compression job moved the DRAS modules such that LLA was not reading the current copies. Customer tested again (without any compression steps following the LLA updates of the 21 DRAS modules from PTF SO07415) and all worked as expected.