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Unable to parallel run RMM when TLMS is already running on the same LPAR


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TLMS Tape Management


Could we start RMM product on a partition on which TLMS or CA1 is already running ? 


Component: TLMS


CA-1 and RMM or CA1 and TLMS or TLMS and RMM should NOT be run in parallel on the same system, as the hooks into the open/close/eov modules that the tape management systems have can get corrupted when run at the same time.
The hooks can be overlaid and tape jobs would not be tracked. 

For CA1 and RMM: You can bring up CA1 in a BATCH MODE so our tapes are not recorded in the TMC file.In this case the OSI or COSI, or SMF of od CA1 should not be started with CAS9 . Run CAS9 PARM(INIT,SVC=xxx,OSI=NO,COSI=NO) and PARM(REINIT,SMF=NO) and then batch activate CA1.
And then start RMM  - and in this case all tapes created will be recorded in the RMM database.

For TLMS and RMM: You need to reinit TLMS with for the PARM(REINIT, OSI=NO) to specify that the TLMS OSI should not be loaded. and start RMM.
In this case all tapes created will be recorded in the RMM database.