APM php-agent causes core dumps
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APM php-agent causes core dumps


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


Core dumps generated by a php application when the APM php agent is enabled. If the agent is disabled the core dumps stop. The problem is intermittent i.e. not every application crashes.


APM 10.7 Agent
RHEL 6.4
php 5.3.3


TheĀ  php application suite was a mixture of Apache and client (batch) based applications. The APM php agent currently only supports mod-php (apache) based applications. Analysis showed that the cores were only being generated by the php-cli based applications.


To prevent the agent being loaded for php-cli applications and generating cores and crashes, make the following configuration changes.

1. Locate the wily_php_agent.ini in the php environment and disable the caapm extension in that by commenting the entry, i.e. ;extension=wily_php_agent.so
2. Find the php.ini, genearally located in /etc/ folder
3. Make a copy of php.ini into php-cli.ini
4. Disable caapm extension in php-cli.ini if it is present in the file. i.e.
5. Enable the caapm extension in php.ini if not enabled already
i.e. extension=wily_php_agent.so