INDEX is not working in LAC


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When looking up the DB table (index search) with LAC, it takes much longer than referring directly to DB. 
It seems index not works. 

Steps reproduced: 
01. Ctreat teble ( It has 3 key column.) 
02. Instert 5000000 recode to the table. 
03. Select with 2 key colum. 
. Oracle: SELECT * FROM table1 WHERE KEY1 = '20190220' and KEY2 = '2); 
Results return immediately 

. LAC API call: 
It takes about 15 seconds for the result to be returned. 

Also, the following is output in the log. 
select * from (select row_number() over (order by "KEY1", "KEY2", "KEY3") as "el_rownum", 0 as "EL__BATCHNUMBER", "KEY1", "KEY2", "KEY3", "VALUE1" from "DB1"."table1" "el__this" where "el__rownum" <= 1001 oreder by "el__rownum" 
It seems index is not effective because special SQL is issued.


Component: APILAC


It is bases on current specifications.
It is not possible to change the LAC generated SQL.

Also, data source-based APIs optimized to leverage the indexes in their database, the best bet would be to use the Free SQL resources.  
LAC passes the SQL directly into the underlying database.