AHD52034:A system error occurred writing the file into the Document Repository.


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What do these messages mean?

AHD52031:An incoming email message contained one or more attached files which could not be saved for the following reason(s): 

AHD52034:A system error occurred writing the file into the Document Repository. 

These errors seem to occur around the same time that maileater has issues (ie. fails and needs restarting) 

Is there a known cause?
Or is it likely a performance issue?


CA Service Desk Manager prior to ITSM 17.1 CP1.


Please monitor for general performance issues with the CA Service Desk Manager server and application.

The first error (AHD52031) is a generic error indicating an Attachment failure, and may occur for any Attachment failure. 

The second error (AHD52034) is uncommon, and would need troubleshooting to identify the specific cause. 

Some possible root causes are: 
  • Failure to write to hard disk (eg disk full) 
  • Failure to communicate over the network (eg firewall, antivirus, network down) 
  • Failure of the operating system (eg out of memory) 

It typically has an environment cause. 

Please diagnose around those sources to get to root cause. 
If there is a known performance issue, then that could feed into this.


Note that these instructions are for advanced users only, as the log output would need to be read and interpreted along with information on the system as a whole.

From the CA SDM side to turn on logging: 

pdm_logstat -n pdm_maileater_nxd TRACE 
pdm_trace pdm_maileater_nxd ON 
pdm_trace spelsrvr ON 

And to turn off after the issue occurs: 

pdm_logstat -n pdm_maileater_nxd 
pdm_trace pdm_maileater_nxd OFF 
pdm_trace spelsrvr OFF 

Also look at CPU and memory at the time. 

This might provide further information. 

Note that the mail processes were completely rewritten in ITSM 17.1 CP1 to java. 
The messages were reported on a system prior to this version.