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How to assign privileges to derive PAM reports


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CA Privileged Access Manager - Cloakware Password Authority (PA) CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


"How to add a Credential Manager Role with privileges for specific Report "Activities" is discussed in this document.  

PAM drop down menus  - "Credentials" ==> "Manage Credential Groups" ==> "Credential Roles"  allows one to create a specific "Role" and assign the select privileges for the created "Role". 

Every Report related privilege is directly tied to a Report related Activity.  In total,  the Report related privileges/activities are the following

1.  Generate Report
2.  Get Report Data
3.   List Reports
4.   Schedule Reports
5.   Set Report Row Limit

Credential Manager Roles with specific Report related privileges can be created. This allows tailoring the privileges that can be granted to a Credential Manager role. 


PAM client's "Manage Credential Groups" .


At a high level these are privileges related to the reports in PAM.  Discussion below talks about creating a "Credential Role" with required Reporting Privileges.

Screenshot #1  - Navigate to the "Manage Credential Groups" ==> "Credential Roles" 

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b. Screen Shot #2 -  Select the privileges/activities for the role being created. 

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