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On the Properties tab in Portfolios, does the start and finish date on that screen drive the date range of the investments?


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On the Properties tab in Portfolios for Clarity PPM, does the start and finish date on that screen drive the date range of the investments? If not, what do these dates impact? 


Component: ODPFM


The dates set on the properties page don’t impact which investments get added to the portfolio (unless you set a custom filter excluding certain dates). It does impacts data that is displayed for the regular list view attributes (these column will only display the totals that cover the range of the start/finish date of the portfolio). This includes attributes such as Actual Cost, Planned Capital Cost, Planned Operating Cost, Role Demand

Here are some exceptions for fields that don’t calculate based on the portfolio properties dates (and also Plan dates): 
  • TSV (Time Scale Value) fields - These use the '(Total)' type of attributes which are not clipped by the portfolio date range and always will provide the total amount of these attributes clipped by the project dates 
  • Totals fields - If you want to see the Totals for a project on the portfolio, such as Actual Cost Totals for the entire project duration, you can use the related Totals attribute where available.
    • Example: The Actual Cost Column would just display Actual cost for the duration of the Portfolio as defined on the properties page, but, the Actual Cost (Total) column will display all actual cost for the project
See more details at: CA PPM Tuesday Tip: Portfolio Investment Attributes

Note: Similar behavior is observed for Plans. If your Portfolio is in Plan mode, the same fields data is clipped based on the Plan Start/Finish Dates. Plan mode will override the Portfolio's Start/Finish Date. The one difference in Plan mode is you cannot make changes to the Portfolio. Example: You can add or delete roles in Plan mode (see KB000121526) for more details.