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There is a connection with a problem on the MQ application       that
must be diagnosed.

The SmartTrace is defined for it--but as we do not yet have a trigger
to activate it--the connection is constantly traced by SmartTrace.

On option Trace Options the Trace Limit is 20 000 packets    which--
depending on the connection packet volume--limits to
only 1 minute the traced packets.

As we do not have an event that can indicate an automatic STOP for
this trace we need to increase the packet amount to be traced.

Also: How to activate the defined trace via RMON (class ASMON)  in
case the connection amount is 80% below baseline?  They identified
that the connection amount drops from 1500 to 500 at the moment of
the problem--where the MQ connections with the external application
server are restrained.


OS: z/OS.


Resolution points--from L2 Support:
1. PTF SO06415 allows the user to now specify a TRACE of up to   a
maximum of 250,000.

2. Create the Alert for the attribute they want to monitor. Then specify
an Alert Action using 'S RUN_COMMAND'.

3.The command to execute is the TRCACT equate, i.e.   TRCACT
NAME=MQTRACE. MQTRACE has to be a defined trace and    it
will start the trace dynamically. To dynamically
STOP the trace do

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