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how to know what CA MIM components are used


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MIM Resource Sharing (MIM) MIM Data Sharing (MII) MIM Tape Sharing (MIA) MIM Message Sharing (MIC)


Planning to upgrade from MIM 12.1 to 12.5. There appears to be multiple pieces for CA MIM Resource Sharing for z/OS - CA-MIM for z/OS, CA-MIA for z/OS, CA-MIC for z/OS and CA-MII for z/OS. Need to know what each are and whether they are in use.

What are the components available with CA MIM and how to know what is running or being used in the environment?


Component: MIM


CA MIM™ Resource Sharing streamlines, and automates the sharing of DASD, tape devices, and console messages and command traffic safely and efficiently in multiple system environments. The following facilities can be used. 

CA MIA Tape Sharing 
CA MIA is the component of CA MIM that provides integrity when you are sharing tape devices among systems (or CPU images). This component also enhances z/OS device processing for tape devices. 

CA MIA is composed of two facilities: 
  • The Global Tape Allocation Facility (GTAF) 
  • The Tape Preferencing and Control Facility (TPCF) 

CA MIC Message Sharing 
CA MIC is the component of the CA MIC product that provides you with cross-system command and message routing services in a multiple-system or multiple-image environment. 

CA MIC Facilities 
  • Global Command and Message Facility (GCMF) 
  • Intersystem Communication Facility (ICMF) 

CA MII Data Sharing 
CA MII is the component of the CA MIM for z/OS product that improves resource integrity and helps resolve resource conflicts in multiple-system environments. Use CA MII to protect data sets, programs, or any other file type resource. 

CA MII is composed of following three facilities: 
  • Global Data Integrity Facility (GDIF). 
  • ENQ Conflict Management Facility (ECMF) 
  • Enhanced Data Set Integrity Facility (EDIF) 

To get an idea of what you may be using, issue the following console command and review the results: