Capture account information for jobs submitted outside FAQS PCS


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CA FAQS - Automated Systems Operation


We have some jobs generated by an application running on user's desktops and submitted to VSE via FTP.  We would like to capture account information in FAQS PCS for these jobs so that it can be listed afterwards by the GSACCNT utility like all other jobs submitted by FAQS. Is there a way to accomplish this with FAQS PCS? 


  • z/VSE 6.2
  • FAQS PCS 5.1


Level 2 advised that PCS only writes account data for jobs that are submitted by PCS, so jobs submitted outside the control of PCS are not logged. What you could do is submit the job with disposition 'Hold', then have a PCS event that has the command R:jobname (this releases the job from the power queue). In this case, PCS would write accounting data for the job. You would have to devise a way of triggering the event, so that it only runs (and maybe always runs) when there is a job to be released.