CA View and Deliver - Downgrade Compatibility, V12.1 and V14.0
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CA View and Deliver - Downgrade Compatibility, V12.1 and V14.0


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Deliver View


The client is upgrading CA View and Deliver from version 12.1 to 14.0. 

The databases are currently at a 12.1 level, and the client does not want to VERSION their databases at this time.

What PTFs are needed for Deliver 12.1, for reverting compatibility?
What PTFs are needed for View 12.1, for reverting compatibility?


CA View 14.0
CA View 12.1

CA Deliver 14.0
CA Deliver 12.1


View/Deliver 14.0 code is downward-compatible to 12.2 and 12.1-level databases. 

In the upgrade process, a VERSION of the databases does not need to be done right away, but it is recommended that the VERSIONing occur at some point, so as to be able to use the newer production functions. 

For CA Deliver, in the event of reverting, the following PTFs are needed for compatibility:

 . RO72504
 . RO72505
 . RO74661 
 . Note: The above PTFs address compatibility of the Deliver Checkpoint file. 

There are no View PTFs needed, for compatibility. 

After the process is done, an LLA refresh should be done, to engage the updated libraries.