CSM prereq validator and Installation error


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CA Mainframe Software Manager (Chorus Software Manager)


When trying to install CSM 6.0 in a new environment the shell script stop with the following error:

ERROR 2019-03-18 06:59:23,867 (UtilMeth.java:118): For input string: "03060099100"                                   
ERROR 2019-03-18 06:59:23,868 (UtilMeth.java:124): java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "03060099100"

A similar problem happens when running the prereq validator


After applying the latest z/OS RSU which included SMPE maintenance (IO26243)
CA Chorus Software Manager (CA CSM) fails to initialize CAGIMAPI address space due to unsuccessful version check.        


CSM 6.0
z/OS with RSU 1812


If installing CSM, and are failing during either the validator or 
MSMSetup process the new files in the CSM_Jars.zip file need to be used:

MSMValidator.jar, MSMOptValGen.jar, MSMInstaller.jar, MSMDeployer.jar 

For new CSM installs: MSMInstaller.jar should go to the same directory where 
MSMSetup.sh or MSMSetupOptionsFile.properties files are. 
MSMOptValGen.jar should go to /lib sub-directory under the above mentioned one.

Please see the attached CSM_GIMAPI.zip.
It includes CSM_Jars.zip and some instructions in CSM_GIMAPI.txt

Additional Information

Existing CSM user having a similar problem please see KB000124412

After following the directions and getting during MSMInstall:

MSMI0583E: File ./SAMPLIB/CSMN6101 could not be found

then the wrong MSMInstaller.jar has been copied over.


1591035349038__CSM_JAR.zip get_app