How to configure BMC Remedy service desk to use SSL/HTTPS with CA Spectrum
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How to configure BMC Remedy service desk to use SSL/HTTPS with CA Spectrum


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CA Spectrum


How can the SSL/HTTPs configuration for BMC Remedy be used by CA Spectrum?


Component: SPCINT


In Spectrum 10.2.3 there is an option for SSL in the Service Desk configuration page for OneClick which only works for the CA Service Desk but is available for all Service Desks.  That option was intended to be used for the CA Service Desk only.  Since it does not work with other Service Desk configurations it was removed in 10.3.0 and above.  In order to utilize the SSL security for BMC with Spectrum, you must configure the NIM (Normalized Integration Management) utility to specify the HTTPS url in the BMC Client Url Configuration section in NIM:

In the Spectrum OneClick Service Desk configuration page, select the BMC Remedy Service Desk, and enter the BMC server, the port, and the HTTPS client url.  Be sure to configure the NIM components in the lower part of the Service Desk configuration window for OneClick as well.

Additional Information

If you are unable to get the SSL connection between Remedy and Spectrum to work, you can test it from the OneClick server: 

Check the SSL Handshake between OC server and BMC Server. 
Run the following command and verify the result.  It should download the SSL server certificate in the SSL Handshake and show the cert:

$Spectrum\apache\bin>openssl s_client -connect <BMCServer>:443 

If it's successful, you will see the certificate contents. If it fails you will see a message noting failure. If you see failure, check firewall configuration rules.