after profile changes oracle probe stop collecting information
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after profile changes oracle probe stop collecting information


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


After performing changes at oracle probe, probe stop collecting information. Checkpoints shown 0 values inclusive at Execution Time for all checkpoint except check_dbalive. 


Oracle Probe 5.41 On AIX 7.1 Controller: 7.93 database Engine: Oracle on AIX 7.1


Basically check_dbalive metric measures if db server is down or up, if DB server itself is down, it will be of no use to monitor other checkpoints. 


Please enable Send Alarm for check_dbalive metric. This can be done from template. 

If DB is down you will get only DB down related alarm, none of the other alarms will be raised.
If you don't want this alarm also, then it can be excluded at NAS level by creating an AO profile .

Additional Information

Please do not change default behavior of check_dbalive metric functionality. First of all oracle probe check this metric, if it doesn't work none of other metrics will be checked. 

Development confirmed that it is working as per design and that a documentation change will be request, the purpose of this note is to document this behavior while documentation is updated.