Why do connection events show delayed timing in Netmaster IPHISTORY?
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Why do connection events show delayed timing in Netmaster IPHISTORY?


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When looking at the IP History on one system, the connection events timestamp in the list is different  (later) than the time for the event itself.

Example: Browse Browse Connection and Event Details. 
Then List all Connection events

The list shows
Type Cmnd Time     Date         Sec? Jobname  Userid   Application Name
CN   TERM 10:16:37 08-FEB-2019  NO   CICSSY1           OTHER

and when you select it.. 
Connection Details

  Connection Started ....... 08-FEB-2019 08:10:12
  Connection Ended ......... 08-FEB-2019 08:10:17
  User (if known) .......... 

It's more than 2 hrs delayed. 


Release: SLOPFC00200-12.1-NetMaster-File Transfer Management


This is working as designed, and the HELP for this indicates this to be the case. Please review the online HELP.
As seen below,  the TIME is specified as the time when the record was written to the database. There are various factors that could contribute to having the times being different - thus these time frames represent two different values and are not the same thing. The TIME on the first panel is the TIME record was written, the times within the specific record comes straight from SMF and indicate the time the connection started and ended. 

Type identifies the source of the record: 

CN : TCP Connection event 

Cmnd is the command, subcommand, or action performed: 

INIT : Start connection 
TERM : End connection 

Time is the time the record was written to the events 

Date is the date the record was written to the events 

Also, if you PF11 and go to the right, you will see the actual connection start times. 

Lastly, if you want to do a search on specific timeframes, you could do a 'Custom Search' by 
selecting a custom Search like follows, and specifying the following fields which are SMF based: 
s Perform Custom Search 

"("   Field          Opr  Value                           Gen ")"   Bool
   + $IPENDDTTM   + LE   08-FEB-2019 16:00               +        + AND
   + $IPSTARTDTTM + GT   08-FEB-2019 10:00               +        +    

Commonly used variables / field values: 
$IPKEY – keyed field that limits the records to be searched. This is a date in the format of yyyymmddhhmmss. 
Note: ddhhmmss can also be replaced by 000 (lowest value for the date) or 999(highest value for the date) 
Also – this date is stored as GMT. 
$IPDATE    - non-keyed date field with format dd-MON-yyyy 
$IPLCLPORT – local port number 
$IPRMTPORT – remote port number 
$IPRECTYPE - denotes the type or record, i.e; CN = connection record 
FC = FTP client 
FS = FTP Server 
TS = Telnet Server