Permissions to Discovery Databases in CA Configuration Automation (CCA)
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Permissions to Discovery Databases in CA Configuration Automation (CCA)


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What are the set of permissions needed to discover various databases (MSSQL, Oracle and DB2 databases) with CCA Blueprints?


Component: CAACM


Database discovery is broken down into two parts:

1. Discovery of the actual database software installed.
This means, which directory the database software is installed as well as version information and other configuration information.  With this, you can manage the actual installation of the database software
Permissions for this is: if the CCA Agent is installed, no other permissions are required.  If SSH, then root-like level permissions are required or use of sudo 

2. Discovering the database schema
CCA is not intended to manage the data in a database, but more of the structure and configuration of the database and/or instances
With that said, there are a few stored procedures \ routines \ macros run to obtain information from the running database as well as queries to get schema, user, data file information
The permissions are pretty basic for all databases, read-only across all.  There are a few tweaks here and there, ex: SQL Server requires running Stored Procedures, where as Oracle will require access to DBA_DATA_FILES as well as tablespaces; and for DB2, mostly everything needed is in SYSCAT.

The commands run on each database (after successful login) are located in the Blueprint --> Configuration --> Configuration Data, plus some items are in Blueprint -> Macros,