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Changing a Virtual Service execution mode to Transaction Tracking


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CA Application Test CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder) Service Virtualization


How to change Virtual Service execution mode to Transaction Tracking for a deployed Virtual Service? 


All supported DevTest Environments




  • In the Portal, Click on the pen icon beside the mode of your deployed VS (under Monitor / Virtual Service Environment / My-VSE), which does bring the popup window to select the execution mode.
  • Select "Transaction tracking" and validate. And click OK. 
  • Then the line showing the VS appears with a all texts displayed in red, the mode is shown as "Transaction tracking",
  • At the top right you would see a " SAVE" Icon.  Click that to save the changes. 
  • Note: If you miss the Save icon, as soon as the UI is refreshed, the line turns black again and "Most efficient" appears as the execution mode. Also, please make sure the end user has permission to VSE environments.

Additional Information

Refer to section "Execution Mode" in the documentation of the DevTest version you are running.