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When attempting to add an attribute to a recent created configuration item it fails with an error


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When creating a configuration item (CI) using the create object method and then if it is attempted to update the attributes of the new created CI with the method update object it fails with the error below:

soapenv:Client Internal err with get_object_values: NOT FOUND Internal err with get_object_values: NOT FOUND 102


Service Desk 14.1 or above


The create object method did not created the app_extx objects making the update of the attributes impossible.


1. Use the method CreateAsset instead of create object.
2. Ensure that all the required fields by an asset are included in the attributes list like the example bellow:


Once the CI is created use the update object to create the attribute using the correspondent object handle (for software it starts with app_extx for hardware starts with har_serx):

Example of the UpdateObject

<string>update test</string>

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