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VMware Probe can not be opened in Infrastructure Manager after downgrade


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


After vmware probe has been downgraded from 7.11 back to 6.83,  error 'The probe is runnignin bulk configure mode. This GUI is not supported in bulk oconfigure mode. Exiting.' is returned when trying to open vmware probe from Infrastructure Manager and this works before upgrade.


Vmware probe after downgrade: 6.83 or any version before 7.

Vmware probe before downgrade: 7.11 or any version after 7.



 Deactivate vmware probe first.

Then remove file probe_schema.xml from probe folder, remove any parameters that does not exist in vmware.cfg 6.83 config like 'enable_bulk_configuration' from vmware.cfg file. Change major_version from 7 to 6 in setup section.

Activate vmware probe again.

A sample of setup section of probe config for vmware probe ver 6.83:

loglevel = 3 
multi_tenant_source = no 
multi_tenant_path = none 
use_instance_uuid = yes 
ds_target_include_folders = no 
show_networks = yes 
perf_request_batch_size = 64 
disable_resource_pool_perf_metrics = no 
disable_vm_system_perf_metrics = no 
disable_host_system_perf_metrics = no 
disable_array_metrics = no 
use_guest_name_for_source = no 
pobc_default_template_enable = true 
utf8_cipher = true 
major_version = 6