CA View - The FSS Writers Stop Processing Output
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CA View - The FSS Writers Stop Processing Output


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Occasionally, the client's SARFSS tasks (run from a virtual printer) stop processing, resuming at the next task start. 


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The client's SYSLOG, on two different days when the problem occurred, showed there to be two $HASP160 messages issued ione right after the other.

The occurrence of the messages is preceded by four JES2 $DPERFDATA commands, issued almost at the same time, which create large displays in the log.

The client runs a homegrown program that runs as a started task to issue various commands at specific times. They found that there are two of these started tasks running on the LPAR in question.
This is because they start one at JES2 initialization and automation starts another.

The client will correct the situation, regarding the $DPERFDATA commands, so that the printer will not be affected. The client will be opening a PMR with IBM, on the matter.