DC088070 with ERRNO=12238
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DC088070 with ERRNO=12238


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An IDMS CV has had the necessary LINE, PTERM and LTERM definitions added for TCP/IP support. The following errors are seen at startup:

DC088070 Vnn T0 Error during TCP/IP initialization. ERRNO=12238, REASON=00000000.
DC088073 Vnn T0 Initialization TCP/IP environment terminated. TCP/IP is not active.


Release: All supported releases.


The TCP/IP documentation for IDMS can be found at TCP/IP support.

Under the heading "Establishing TCP/IP Support", "Prerequisites"   is the following:

This section contains the prerequisites for setting up TCP/IP support in z/OS, z/VSE, and z/VM operating systems.


On z/OS, support for TCP/IP is implemented using UNIX System Services kernel functions. The userid assigned to central version should be granted access to these functions. Depending on your security environment, this might require defining an OMVS segment for the userid. For more information, refer to the appropriate security documentation.

So the resolution to the error error is:

The UID under which an IDMS CV runs must have OMVS access (as indicated by an OMVS 'Segment'), and that Segment must specify a valid (writeable) 'Home' directory.