How to create UIM CABI dashboards and reports
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How to create UIM CABI dashboards and reports


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Need more detailed information on how to create CABI dashboards and reports in UIM/UMP


- UIM 8.5 or higher


There are two possible deployment paths for CA Business Intelligence JasperReports Server (CABI Server).

CABI (bundled)
The bundled deployment installs and configures an instance of CABI Server on a CA UIM robot. This configuration simplifies the CABI Server installation process if you only need to use a CABI Server instance with CA UIM. You cannot use this CABI Server instance with other CA Agile Operations products.

CABI (external)
The external version of CABI allows a customer to use it with other Broadcom (CA) products and share the same Jaspersoft server. Cabi external allows a separate CABI Server instance to communicate with UIM and other Broadcom (CA Agile Central) products.

Note that BOTH versions allow customers the same options to create their own custom dashboards and reports.

Some instructions for creating basic/simple CABI dashboards and reports can be found here:

and a video on Creating CABI for UIM dashboards can be accessed here:

How to Videos:

Tibco Jaspersoft Studio
To create more advanced dashboards and reports, customers can choose to create their own dashboards and reports using the commercial edition of Jaspersoft Studio. Jaspersoft Studio, like the Unified Reporter 'iReport' client software, is not provided with UIM CABI (bundled or external).  Customers can download a trial version of the Tibco Jaspersoft Studio software from the Tibco Jaspersoft Studio website for the same supported version of Jaspersoft, e.g., v6.4.3.

To complete the Jaspersoft Studio installation, you must copy and then import the jasperserver.license file into Jaspersoft Studio. The jasperserver.license file is located in <Nimsoft>\probes\service\cabi\cabi.

Jaspersoft Studio does require a report developer or Jaspersoft training to use Jaspersoft Studio to be able to develop more advanced dashboards and reports.

We also recommend searching the UIM Community as other customers/partners may have posted dashboards/reports online that can be downloaded/reused.