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Information relating to process startup in CA AXA


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CA App Experience Analytics


If there is a multi-node deployment of CA AXA and one or more machines are rebooted, how does this affect the machines that are not rebooted?


AXA 17.3


These are some notes about process dependencies and starting order. In all cases, the script can be used to start/stop all or some of the components.
  • If any machine is rebooted, the components on other machines will need to be restarted in this sequence, this is also the starting sequence where no AXA related services are already running.
- 1st: All Jarvis components, Elasticsearch, Kafka, Jarvis,
- 2nd: AXA components in order : Read Server, Crash handler, Transformer, Aggregator, Collector, Frontend and Kibana
  • If the RDBMS is restarted then, Read server, AdminUI, Frontend should be restarted

Note that If ElasticSearch, Kibana, Jarvis are restarted, then it is not necessary to restart AXA components, the connection should be remade automatically.