CA AP CCI location of security certificate
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CA AP CCI location of security certificate


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Automation Point


When using CA Automation Point with a connection to CA OPS/MVS on the mainframe, you need to setup a CCI connection in the CA Automation Point Configuration Manager..
Some companies require TLS security and a security certificate is needed.
During the installation the default security certificate (cert.pem) is stored in the C:\Program Files (X86)\CA\CA_APPSW\  directory.
When using it, additional customization is needed and saved.


Component: ATMXC


The best location of the new, changed CERT.PEM file is in the C:\ProgramData\CA\CA_Automation Point\Site\MyFiles\ directory, or in another C;|ProgramData directory.
The reason to this is that during the installation, or upgrade of CA Automation Point the C:\Program Files (X86)\CA\CA_APPSW\  will be deleted and rebuild with the new installation.
Because of this delete also your customized CERT.PEM file will be lost.