Workload Auotmation CA7 Edition and Time Change
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Workload Auotmation CA7 Edition and Time Change


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CA 7 Workload Automation


Is it necessary to stop and restart  CA7ONL address space during summer/winter time change or is the product  able to dynamically manage this change ?



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There is no need to stop and restart CA7ONL to have the time reset if the MVS SET CLOCK command or the SYSPLEX TIMER setting are used to dynamically adjust the machine time (the same is for the DST Fall Time change). 
When changing system time in the spring and fall , CA7 will use the new system time and always performs duplicate job checking to ensure nothing is duplicated or dropped. 

It checkpoints the times for schedule scan, when schedule scan wakes, it picks up from where it last did it's scheduling and goes forward.
If any timeframe is re-scanned (like it can be when clocks are set back), a duplicate check is done to see if a job that is scheduled to come into the queue last ran with the same SCHID and date (queues are checked) so there should not be any duplicates.