API Developer Portal Journal Log flooded with errors routing to http://papim-portal-agent-reserve.saasqa.ca.com:9080/apm/metricFeed


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We've just installed a new on-premise API Developer Portal instance offline, in a private network that has no access to the Internet. Since then, we have been experiencing the following errors which have flooded the journal log:

...Error in Send Metrics to APM scheduled task policy execution: Error in Assertion Processing...

Problem routing to http://papim-portal-agent-reserve.saasqa.ca.com:9080/apm/metricFeed. Error msg: Unable to obtain HTTP response from http://papim-portal-agent-reserve.saasqa.ca.com:9080/apm/metricFeed: Unknown host: papim-portal-agent-reserve.saasqa.ca.com:9080/apm/metricFeed

The error looks like it is coming from the PAPIM Solution Kits which we did not install. 

Where does this scheduled task come from and how to disable it?


For some unknown reason, the PAPIM Solution Kits had been installed on the Internal Gateway of the API Developer Portal 4.2.x out-of-the-box , and the "Send Metrics to APM" scheduled task has been enabled by default. 

This has been identified as a valid defect and will be fixed in the future releases.


CA API Developer Portal 4.2.x


Meanwhile, to work around the issue, you can manually disable the scheduled task on the Internal Gateway via Policy Manager, by following the below steps:

1. Log on to the portal via a putty session, and grep the pssg docker container ID:
    docker ps | grep pssg

2. Search for the 'admin' user's password and take note of it:
    docker inspect <pssg container ID> | grep -i admin

3. Login to the Policy Manager and connect to the Internal Gateway with the admin/password credentials retrieved from previous step.
    You need to use the hostname (apim-ssg.<domain_name>) and port 9443 to connect.

4. Once you are connected to the Internal Gateway, navigate to Tasks > Global Settings > Manage Scheduled Tasks > Send Metrics to APM > Edit

5. Un-check the 'Enable' checkbox in the Scheduled Task Properties

6. Save the changes.

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