CA View - Database Downsizing and Disallowing use of Line Command "L"


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The client has many CA View databases where they no longer perform archive activity. They want to reduce the size of the databases, as the databases will become static.  

As to not have anything be on the disk layer on any of the databases, though the client uses the View EAS tape robotic, they want to disallow use of the "L" line command. 


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The client will be creating new, smaller databases, then running SARDBASE COPY to those new databases to downsize the databases. 

For disallowing use by end-users of the L(oad) line function:

 . SARSRQUX exit source CVDEOPTN(SARSRQU4) can be used to disallow use of the "L" command to load
   a report to the disk layer. 

 . The code currently has: 

*           CLC       0(2,R4),=C' L'       BATCH LOAD REQUEST? 
*           BE         RC0                      YES - THEN LET IT THROUGH 
*           CLC       0(2,R4),=C'L '       BATCH LOAD REQUEST? 
*           BE         RC0                      YES - THEN LET IT THROUGH 
            CLI         LPLMODEO,LPLMEXP    "EXP" MODE? 
            BNE       RC0                      NO - THEN LET IT THROUGH 

 . Which should be changed to: 

            CLC       0(2,R4),=C' L'       BATCH LOAD REQUEST? 
            BE         REJECTP             YES - REJECT IT 
            CLC       0(2,R4),=C'L '       BATCH LOAD REQUEST? 
            BE         REJECTP             YES - REJECT IT 
            B           RC0                      LET OTHER FUNCTIONS THROUGH 

 . After the code change, the exit should then be assembled to become the new version of SARSRQUX. 

 . Note: Before running the assembly, it would be best to rename CVDELOAD(SARSRQUX) to CVDELOAD(SARSRQUO), to save the original module.