CABI 9.0.2 Issues Data Source Not Working Properly


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


CABI portlet page-> 'Dashboards'-> 'View List' when viewing dashboards, some of the dashboards listed there display errors and no data.
      "The report is empty"
      "An unexplained error has occurred and the operation failed."



Working as designed


- UIM v9.0.2
- cabi v3.30


When a user selects the CABI portlet in UMP, which opens the CABI "Home" view, then they click on "View List" under Dashboards, they can see a list of CABI dashboards.

Then as per the reported problem, when they click on one of those dashboards, such as 'Device Summary,' most of the dashlets throw an error such as:

     "The report is empty"


     "An unexplained error has occurred and the operation failed."

Some of these dashboards under View List will have no context to work within to display data.

The default CABI Unified Dashboard Summary view works fine, but when you drill down into the Device Summary dashboard and other dashboards within the UMP CABI portlet itself, you notice several CABI dashlets that don't contain any data.

These dashboards although available within the UMP CABI portlet Home Page->Dashboards->View List are not meant to be accessed directly by a non-administrator. These underlying dashboards support the default OOTB CABI dashboard views. 

As a workaround, an administrator can choose to configure the CABI portlet page preferences using the UMP wrench icon on that page to not show that dashboard, and instead show another dashboard that does load all the expected data (Alarm Summary View).

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Additional Information

Q. Can I create my own dashboards and reports?

You can create your own dashboards and reports using the commercial edition of Jaspersoft Studio. This software is not provided with the CABI for UIM Dashboards. You can download a trial version of the software from the Download Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Suite page.

To complete the installation, you must copy and then import the jasperserver.license file into Jaspersoft Studio. The jasperserver.license file is located in <Nimsoft>\probes\service\cabi\cabi.


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