Missing MCS in UMP CA UIM 8.51


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


After following the instructions in the Knowledge Document:

KB000044255 : Missing the Monitoring Configuration Services (MCS) - Monitoring tab in UMP

the Monitoring tab is still missing in the UMP USM portlet.



From the distsrv logs captured with the loglevel of the distsrv probe set to 5 we see errors similar to the following:

Mar 15 10:13:56:205 [11548] distsrv: SREQUEST: hubsec_new_ex ->XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX/48002
Mar 15 10:13:56:205 [11548] distsrv:  head  mtype=100 cmd=hubsec_new_ex seq=0 ts=1552662836 frm=XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX/62933 tout=300 addr=/<DOMAIN>/<HUB_NAME>/<HUB_ROBOT_HAME/hub sid=H9rlyfr3vepQWB8dFLfMNgADMTU1MjY4MzgxMwFQRVBSSUNQVk5TSFUwMQEwATMw
Mar 15 10:13:56:205 [11548] distsrv:  data  _section=acl_template _profile=NetFlow Configuration desc=Allow portlet users to configure NetFlow probe settings type=UMP access=admin
Mar 15 10:13:56:206 [11548] distsrv: RREPLY: status=command not found(11) <-XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX/48002  h=38 d=0


UIM / UMP:  8.51
mon_config_services:  8.5
wasp:  8.51
robot:  7.93
hub:  7.93
distsrv:  7.97


The 7.97 distsrv probe is not compatible with hub versions earlier than 7.96.

Two options available to resolve this issue:
1.  Redeploy the 5.40 distsrv probe that is available as part of the 8.51 UIM install
2.  Upgrade all robots to the 7.97hf3 version (or later if a later hot fix is available) and hub probes to the 7.97 GA release.

The 7.97hf3 robot_update hot fix can be downloaded from the CA UIM Hotfix Index support site.