USM not changing status icon for devices when a test alarm is created


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


After successfully sending a 'Test alarm' via the nas probe GUI for a specific device the alarm can be found in the IM console as well as in the USM console with the correct device name, however the alarm severity icon on the device in the USM does not reflect the correct severity and the alarm cannot be seen under that device. Is this expected?


UIM 9.0.2


This is expected behaviour. The 'Test alarm' feature in the nas has the ability to specify a hostname for the alarm, however the alarm is created in the backend without a 'met_id' or 'dev_id', which  are required for the USM to correlate the alarms and the devices.

The result will be that in the Alarm view in the USM you will be able to see the test alarm with the correct device name, however it will not correlate to the actual device, meaning it will not show under the device nor will it change the device alarm severity icon.