How To Disable Email Notifications for DR Exercise
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How To Disable Email Notifications for DR Exercise


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DSERIES- SERVER CA Workload Automation DE - System Agent (dSeries)


Is it possible to disable administrative email notifications so that email alerts can be suppressed during Disaster Recover testing exercises? How can we go about doing this?


Component: DSRIES


Yes, It is possible to disable email alert notifications. You can follow the below procedure :
  1. Cold start the DE server.
  2. Logon to Desktop Client with user that has Admin rights
  3. Navigate to Admin perspective
  4. Click on Topology
  5. Right click on server and choose "Configure Shared Parameters" -
  6. In the resulting panel, Expand the Email menu item. - Locate "Send email notification when event trigger fails"
  7. Change the value of "Email address server sends administrative emails to" to either an invalid email address or simply enter something like "nowhere


Additional Information

Please reference for details on setting up the SMTP Server.