Services and Element permissions are lost after the update
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Services and Element permissions are lost after the update


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All permissions are lost after the upgrade from 14.1 to 17.1


Service Catalog 17.1
EEM 12.51 CR02, 12.6


EEM application registered to new application 'Service Catalog' during the upgrade process.
Client had this application since 12.9 on wards and the default application for old version was named as 'Service Delivery' in EEM applicationĀ 


Please follow below steps to import/Export the permissions from old application to new registered application in EEM

1. Login to EEM Web UI as 'EiamAdmin' Account and application as 'Service Delivery'

Note: This is the default application that was registered on client environment and it specific to environment to environment

2. Go 'Manage Access Policies' Tab.

3. Select 'Offering' folder under Access Policies hierarchy on the left side of the window

4. Click on 'Export' button on the right top corner of the window. A file will be saved on your system with an extension of .xml.gz

5. Extract the .gz file with an appropriate tool (winzip should help).

6. Login to the EEM server and open a command prompt as Administrator

7. Copy the .xml file to the EEM server and paste it to a specific folder.

8. Edit the .XML file and find below line at the beginning of the file

<Attach label="Service Delivery"/>

change it to 
<Attach label="Service Catalog"/>


Note: Step 8 is required if you are not registered the application in EEM as 'Service Catalog'
9. Change the directory to %EIAM_HOME%/bin on the command prompt

10. Run the command "safex -h <EEM_HOSTNAME> -u eiamadmin -p <eiamadmin_pass> -f  " <path of XML>\<File_name>.XML"

 The command will Add/Modify the permissions accordingly on to the new application named 'Service Catalog'

11. Restart the services of Catalog.

12. Check the behavior and you will have all the permissions as in your old EEM application.