MIB-Tools for R10.3.1 using TRAP export function fails


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CA Spectrum


Using OC-Console MIB-Tool utility fails when trying to export non_mapped TRAP info into export files. It appears this works for R10.2* and R10.3.0 - but not on R10.3.1. 

Message box then shows:

<Please see attached file for image>

Message when failing

When trying to export via MIB-Tools the files AlertMap, EventDisp & CsEvFormat should be written. 
For this issue the Trap Export stops after starting to write the AlertMap and EventDisp file. 
Target Directories and EventDisp seems to be created properly; EventFormat and EventTable files never get written. 


Internal CA Spectrum error.


This issue is related to CA Spectrum R10.3.1


CA Spectrum R10.3.2 will cover correction. 

Current workaround is to make use of alternate CA Spectrum install/release but not the R10.3.1. i.e. CA Spectrum R10.2.3 and R10.3.0 with most current DeviceCertification Pack will cover the same info. 


Additional Information

Correction addressed by DE405082


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