Scheduling after 2400 before a holiday
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Scheduling after 2400 before a holiday


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We have a requirement to schedule on Sunday for after midnight unless the next day is a holiday. More specifically, our event load runs at 10AM every day. We have an event that needs to run on Monday morning so it has to be part of Sundays EVLOAD with a time past midnight. If Monday is a holiday, we do not want it to run though it's in the current queue.

How can we accomplish this?


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The holiday definition affects when an event is scheduled, not when it is run. PCS views all events scheduled on the same day as part of a unit, so even if a job has an early time greater that 24:00, it is viewed logically as part of the schedule day.

There are few options available to prevent a job from running after midnight, if the following day is a holiday.

1. Move the event load time. You have to schedule the event on Sunday, because your event load time is later than the desired run time of the job. It sounds, however, as if this job logically belongs to Monday's workload. One solution may be to make your event load time earlier, ideally after all Sunday's batch processing has completed, but before Monday's jobs start. You could then change the event day to MONDAY and holiday processing would work as expected. I realise this may be a disruptive change, so it may be something to consider in the future. 

2. Create a new holiday definition for your 'after midnight' jobs. You are currently using Holiday member '000' (the default) to define the holidays for this event. You could create a new holiday definition that specifies the day before an actual holiday as a holiday. You would then specify this new definition as the Hol-id for jobs that should not be scheduled the day before a holiday. 

3. Create an exclusion date file. Similar to a holiday definition, this defines dates on which exceptional circumstances apply. You could define the days before holidays here as days when the event should not be scheduled. 

As this question is related to holiday processing, we recommend option 2 initially, but do review option 1 to determine whether 10am is really the optimal time to run the event load. 


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