We change lookup values, do we need to run Load Data Warehouse - Full Load


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We are modifying lookup values, adding/updating entries, or adding display mappings.

Should we always run Load Data Warehouse - Full after these or is Incremental enough?


Release: CODFSS99000-15.5-PPM SAAS FedRAMP-Sandbox-Small Environment


Change in lookup values does not require a run of Load Data Warehouse - Full Load. An Incremental Load should be sufficient to update the Data Warehouse values.

Additional Information

Here is a list of actions that require a Full Load run of Data Warehouse:

Run this job with the Full Load option selected in the following cases:
*You perform an upgrade or install a patch on CA PPM.
*You add a new language in the data warehouse system options. Running an incremental load of this job does not update the data warehouse with the new language.
*You delete an attribute or unselect the Include in the Data Warehouse option for the attribute in Studio. You cannot re-enable the attribute for inclusion in the data warehouse unless at least this job has completed one run.
*You change the entity for fiscal periods in the data warehouse options.
*You change the timeslice dates to include a larger timeframe.
*You change the First Day of Work Week.
*You change any of the settings in the System Options, Data Warehouse Options.