Clarity PPM: Email Notifications are inaccurate
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Clarity PPM: Email Notifications are inaccurate


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Users/Resources are receiving timesheet emails stating that their timesheets were not submitted, when actually the timesheets have already been posted.


All Clarity versions


The following are possible causes:

1. Email is being sent from a refreshed environment, where the mail server is enabled and the refreshed environment contains recipient email.
Upon restoration, the mail server continues to do its job of sending email to the recipient.

2. A custom process running a custom GEL script is ran to send end users having timesheet status or hours meeting a certain criteria, e.g. timesheet is still open or submitted and/or having less than X amount of hours for a given time period.


Take one or more of the following actions:
-Set the process on hold so that no further emails are sent out.
-Comment out the GEL script in the process, so that it cannot be executed.
-Disable the mail server from the environment sending the emails.