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Best practices on performance on Custom Script GEL execution, Data Extract


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When running large GEL scripts, some best practices have to be followed in order to avoid issues such as server slowdown and in some rare cases OutOfMemory (OOM) and outage.


When you run Gel Scripts performing data extracts, we recommend the following:

  • Always paginate results
  • When you paginate, set a proper amount, keeping in mind that we recommend not more than 100MB memory to be taken by the GEL script. This would usually be around 5k of records in a single request. We do not recommend going above this value
  • Before going to Production, perform the testing on Test environment and ensure the memory is not affected.
  • If too much data is expected to be returned then we recommend:
    • Using a custom report for the data instead
    • Exporting the results to a file on the FTP where it can be accessed