IBM APAR VM65715: any affect on Operator and Automation
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IBM APAR VM65715: any affect on Operator and Automation


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We saw this new function show up and would like to know what, if any affect this has on Operator and Automation functions.


Component: VMY


With the APAR/PTF applied, by default, nothing changes (the DEFAULT is “TERMINAL PRECEDENCE SECUSER”, which is how it works on a system without the PTF applied).

With the APAR/PTF applied, and with “TERMINAL PRECEDENCE STARMSG” established/set, the *new* behavior depends on whether the *guest* is connected to *MSG or *MSGALL.

If it is not, then the behavior goes back to the *default* behavior above.

If it *is* connected to *MSG or *MSGALL, then the *guest* will receive console responses that were previously only “seen” by the SECUSER.

So, in theory, the potential difference with TERMINAL PRECEDENCE STARMSG is that the disconnected guest (that has an established SECUSER) may receive console messages that it previously didn’t receive.