DB2 UDB Publishes fail on Always generated Columns
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DB2 UDB Publishes fail on Always generated Columns


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


DB2 UDB Publishes fail on Always generated Columns. Tables that have this kind of column can't be published to tables.  What can be done?


TDM Portal 4.7


TDMWeb- resolves your issue. The code has been changed to make it an INSERT statement.  However, this requires that the user has elevated privileges to be able to insert into special tables such as this.  This type of enhanced privilege condition MAY not be granted due to DBA policies.  Please contact BC Support for this version.  Also, check with Support to make sure that this fix made it into the GA version after March 26, 2019.

Additional Information

Video URL on how to open a Support Case - https://community.broadcom.com/groups/viewdocument/demo-how-to-update-a-case-with-ca?CommunityKey=c475a143-13f8-4809-b469-d8541b80ea91&tab=librarydocumentshttps://communities.ca.com/videos/5898-demo-how-to-open-a-support-case

To contact support, go to https://support.broadcom.com/