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Alert History Only Shows 1 Day


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This will explain how you can see more than 1 day of history in the Alert History panel (/ALHIST) when the History "Days to Retain Alerts" Parameter (/PARMS) is set to a number greater than 1.   

I have set the "Days to Retain Alerts" setting in my $AM ALERTHIST parameter in /PARMS to a number greater than 1, but I can only see 1 day's worth of alerts in the Alert History screen (/ALHIST).   How do I see more days?    


NMTIP All releases


If your DAYS TO RETAIN ALERTS setting in the $AM ALERTHIST parameter is greater than 1, then you will be able to view any of the days that are within the definition of this parameter.   The Alert History otherwise defaults to showing one day of data. In order to see more days, you would use the DATE command at the top of the screen as follows: 

DATE Command 
The DATE command allows you to change the display from 
the current dates alert history to that of another 

Sample Formats 
DATE YYMMDD displays the alerts for the date yymmdd. 
For example, DATE 020726 displays the alerts for 
July 26, 2002. 

DATE SSSSSS EEEEEE displays the alerts for a range of 
dates, starting with the date ssssss and ending with 
the date eeeeee. For example, DATE 020726 020806 
displays the alerts from July 26, 2002 to August 06, 

DATE -1 displays the alerts for the date before the 
currently displayed date. 

DATE (without any operands) displays alerts for the 
current date. 

The above information is documented in the PF1 help under COMMANDS from the Alert History Screen (/ALHIST). 

Additional Information

This applies to all release of CA Netmaster Network Management for TCPIP